For our handmade bespoken frames and bicycles the following orientation prices are applicable:


Description Frame Complet Bicycle
Touringbike Sleipnir from CHF 2150.- from CHF 4650.-
Touringbike Sleipnir with Pinion Gearbox (incl. P1.18) from CHF 4190.- from CHF 6690.-
Touringbike Frigg from CHF 2220.- from CHF 4720.-
Touringbike Frigg with Pinion Gearbox (incl. P1.18) from CHF 4250.- from CHF 6750.-
Randonneur Hrimfaxi fromCHF 2150.- from CHF 4650.-
Racingbike Skinfaxi from CHF 2250.- from CHF 4450.-
MTB Freyr from CHF 2150.- from CHF 4990.-
S&S Couplers Surcharge CHF 890.-
Unicrown Fork from CHF 385.- (incl. SON SL dropouts)
Fork with luged forkcrown from CHF 375.-

Included in the prices is a handmade bespoken steel-frame, equipped with all the necessary fixation and cabel guides for the choosen components, aswell as a powdercoating from a RAL color of your choice. Special painting and constructions are avaible for extra charge.